Welcome to JPSMUN XVI

Technology Use Policy

JPSMUN expects all delegates to complete research prior to the conference. As such, the use of laptops during the conference, both in AND out of committee, is prohibited, and cellphones may not be used inside committee. If any delegate requires any specific material or facts about either his/her country or the topic at hand, he/she may send a note to their dais staff who may respond. Any irresponsible use of technology will have consequences, including no longer being in contention for awards. 

Plagiarism Policy

As all delegates are entitled to an authentic and gratifying conference, it is the responsibility of JPSMUN staff to prevent any actions that disrupt the integrity of Model United Nations. Those of you who put forth your own honest work should not be disadvantaged by those who commit infractions of standard moral conduct. Plagiarism is a serious offense; any form of it will not be tolerated. If any delegate claims ownership of the ideas and work of others, he/she will subsequently be ineligible to receive awards and the advisor of his/her school's delegation will be notified. 

Pre-Writing Policy

The point of a Model United Nations simulation is to create a forum for discussion and debate on world issues, and then use that debate to reach compromise and construct solutions. However, when delegates choose to write working papers beforehand or use already-written draft resolutions from previous conferences, they are defeating the entire purpose. As such, while delegates are encouraged to bring research and ideas for solutions, those found to have pre-written working paper material will be ineligible to receive awards and the advisor of his/her school's delegation will be notified.

Delegation Awards

Middle School Best Delegation and High School Best Delegation awards will be given out, as well. 

Note: A minimum of 10 delegates are required to be considered for a Best Delegation award.


Every committee will give out a MINIMUM of one verbal, one honorable mention, one outstanding, and one best delegate.