Dear all, last weekend, 28 delegates of JPSMUN traveled to Washington DC to participate in NAIMUN LIII, arguably the most difficult conference on the entire circuit. We performed extremely well as a school, bringing in many awards and placing as one of the top schools at the conference. The following are those who won awards- if you seem them at all in school, make sure to congratulate them!

Outstanding Delegate:

Neehar Mahidadia and Yash Pednekar, UNODC


Honorable Mention:

Ishan Gune, European Parliament

Ishaan Masand and Roshan Setlur, Legal

Ayush Saxena, FBI 1990s


Verbal Commendation:

Aditi Singh, DISEC

Hrishi Bopalkar and Amog Mysore, WEF

Ram Patel and Paul Trivedic, French National Assembly

HMUN 2016

Dear all, this past weekend, 29 delegates of JPSMUN traveled to Boston to participate in HMUN 63, one of the most prestigious and difficult conferences in the world.  We performed extremely well as a school, bringing in many awards and placing as one of the top schools at the conference. The following are those who won awards- if you seem them at all in school, make sure to congratulate them!

Best Delegate: 

Arnav Jain and Suhav Toteja, SOCHUM


Outstanding Delegate:

Aneesh Desphande and Yash Pednekar, DISEC

Ashley Shah, Legal

Sachika Shah and Priyan Selvakumar, SSPC

Ayush Saxena, King Henry VIII's Privy Council 1526

Shiv Soin, World Conference on Indigenous Peoples


Honorable Mention:

Mitali Shah and Aditi Singh, UNESCAP

Ishan Gune, World Health Organization

Ram Patel and Parth Narvekar, Commission for Social Development

Aman Shah and Akshay Yeluri, International Atomic Energy Agency

Ishaan Masand and Roshan Setlur, International Olympic Committee


Verbal Commendation:

Rumeet Goradia and Kylen Bao, SPECPOL


Best Regards, 

JPSMUN Eboard 2015-2016


Dear all,

This past weekend JPSMUN attended its first conference of the year at William and Mary. The competition was fierce but JPSMUN was able to hang tough and come out with a total of 14 delegation awards. Many were disappointed but bear in mind that some of the top-ranked schools were in attendance this weekend, ranging all over the nation. JPSMUN carried itself admirably and should be proud of such a competitive performance for the first conference of the year. Special congratulations to everyone who won and award. For everyone who didn't, take pride in the fact that you came out of WMHSMUN a better delegate than you were before. If you see anybody who went on the trip please congratulate them, regardless of whether or not they won an award for it truly was a team effort.

The following delegates won awards, be sure to congratulate them.

Novice Committees

World Health Organization (WHO)

Outstanding Delegate Hrishi Bopalkar as Mexico

Honorable Mention Roshan Setlur & Ishaan Masand as Australia


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Honorable Mention Rumeet Goradia & Dennis Nguyen as Mexico

Honorable Mention Sachika Shah & Priyan Selvakumar as Australia


The Sixth Committee: Legal

Honorable Mention Suhav Toteja & Arnav Jain as Mexico


General Assemblies

European Union

Honorable Mention Aneesh Deshpande & Yash Pednekar as Netherlands

Honorable Mention Akanksha Ganesh & Mariam Jebram as Latvia


Seneca Falls Convention

Honorable Mention Ashley Shah as Fredrick Douglass


Fortune 500

Verbal Commendation Shiv Soin as Johnson & Johnson


Specialized Agencies

Constitutional Convention

Honorable Mention Aditi Singh as Pierce Butler (South Carolina)


Constituent Assembly of India, 1948

Best Delegate Roshan Shelley as Jawaharlal Nehru - Representative from the United Provinces

NGO Forum

Honorable Mention Ishan Gune as Transparency International


Crisis Committees

Havana Conference

Verbal Commendation Muskan Shah as Giuseppe "The Old Man" Profaci (NY/NJ)


JCC Extremism 2016: African Union Peace and Security Council

Best Delegate Arjun Menon Jayakumar as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt


United Nations Security Council, 1960

Best Delegate Sai Ganagoni as United States of America


Best Regards, 

JPSMUN Eboard 2015-2016

First Meeting of the Year

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you've had a great start to this new school year and are looking forward to the upcoming Model UN season! 

Our first meeting of the year will be on Thursday, September 24th in the Choir Room!

We have a lot of important information to go over, so we hope that everyone can attend. Definitely stop by to get a better idea about what our club is like and if it's something you'd enjoy being a part of!

The Annual Fall JPSMUN will be held on Saturday, October 10th. Registration for the JPSMUN conference is open and all JP students can sign up using the following form:

Please spread the word to anyone who is interested!

Best Regards, 

JPSMUN Eboard 2015-2016

Summer Training Session

Dear all,

The training session will take place on Saturday, August 8th from 12:00pm to 4:00PM

Instead of the mock that was supposed to take place at the Minnie B. Veal Community Center, a training session dealing with crisis and GA committees will be held at Roshan's house (415 Durham Ave Edison NJ 08817) from 12:00PM to 4:00PM instead.

At this meeting we'll be expanding on the overlooked yet crucial concepts of MUN, showing the best ways to prepare and act in committee, as well as holding a few engaging debate simulations. Attendance to this training session is crucial for anyone who hopes to succeed this year as a JPSMUN delegate 

Note: Most GPS's will lead you to 415 Durham Ave in South Plainfield. If you're having trouble reaching Roshan's house give him a call at 908-565-0889.

Also, bring $5 for pizza!

Best Regards, 

JPSMUN Eboard 2015-2016

Summer Training Sessions!

Dear All,

The JPSMUN summer training program has finally begun! Our first mock will most likely take place on Friday, July 17th at the Metuchen EMS hall from 9AM to 3PM (subject to change).

 Since we have rented out a hall and will provide food, those who are attending must bring $8 with them upon arrival. Also, understanding that it is scorching hot outside, please DO NOT wear western business attire to the mock.

If you have any further questions about anything pertaining to this mock, do not hesitate to ask us. For all those who have not received an assignment, but wishes to participate in the mock conference, please let an Eboard member know!

We hope all of you take this opportunity to shine as JPSMUN delegates.

Best Regards, 

JPSMUN Eboard 2015-2016

Sai Ganagoni

Aneesh Deshpande

Neehar Mahidadia

Vishesh Sharma

Roshan Shelley