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Dear Delegates and Advisors,

It is my pleasure to cordially invite you to attend the annual Fall John P. Stevens Model United Nations Conference on October 10th, 2015. A unique experience for delegates of any type, JPSMUN provides an immersive and organized conference to prepare delegates for the future. JPSMUN’s engaging environment is created only through the skill and diligence of its committee directors, each of whom put all their effort towards crafting the best committee possible. With over 350 delegates in attendance, JPSMUN is one of the largest single-day conferences on the east coast.

John P. Steven’s outstanding legacy spans over two decades of excellent and unmatched quality of debate. JPSMUN places a large emphasis on diplomacy and compromise while maintaining a competitive environment that tends to varied and often intense simulations.

We are thrilled to present an unprecedented 6 committees, including one General Assembly, one Crisis Committee, two Economic and Social Councils, and the first ever Joint Pseudo-Crisis. These simulations span settings from the conflicts between the CIA and KGB during the Cold War to discussions of media freedom in the modern world. Registration for the conference is now open and under the Register tab. We guarantee a learner-friendly, affordable, and enjoyable experience for all. JPSMUN will be held at John P. Stevens High School, and will be a day-long engagement.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone (Monday-Friday, 5-10 pm) at 732-896-4000 or by e-mail at We look forward to getting in touch with you soon and seeing you next October!

On behalf of the entire JPSMUN Secretariat,

Sai Ganagoni

Secretary - General